Giving on your church's website
can be as easy as tapping a phone.

Start accepting recurring tithes directly on your website
via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

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Meet Church Tithe WP

The best way to accept donations on your church's WordPress website

Very simple to use

Our smart payment form knows if your visitor's device supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, or just a Credit Card, and shows the right payment option for them automatically. Online giving does not have to be complicated.

Recurring donations included

Start accepting automatically recurring donations on your website. Allow your users to pick from one-time only, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and Church Tithe WP takes care of the rest. From automatically sending email reminders about upcoming donations, to letting them cancel at any time, everything required is included out of the box.

Works with all page builders and themes

Church Tithe WP works with any WordPress theme. And whether you use Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, or the Classic Editor for WordPress, Church Tithe WP is ready to go anywhere in seconds.

Ministry focused

After leaving a donation, your users can leave a note indicating which ministry it was for. For example, if you are having a fundraiser for the local foodbank, let your congregation know to write "foodbank" along with their donation online.

Built with GDPR in mind

Church Tithe WP stores absolutely no personally identifiable information about your users. No names, credit card information, IP addresses, nothing. Only emails are stored by WordPress itself, and can be erased using WP's normal erase-personal-data process.

Security is our middle name

We take security of the utmost seriousness. Built on the Stripe Elements API with full support for Stripe Radar included, no credit card information ever touches your website's server. That means you get SAQ-A PCI compliance right out-of-the-box. Church Tithe WP also fully supports 3D Secure, which shifts chargeback liability to the card issuer where the card brand supports it (Visa, Mastercard, etc). This protects you from chargebacks, and also prevents stolen credit cards from being used on your website.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more

On the cutting edge of payment tech, Church Tithe WP gives you the quickest payment options on the market, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and more, all provided through Stripe. Making donating easy for churches of any size is the mission of Church Tithe WP.

All-in-one WordPress Plugin for Church Donations

Church Tithe WP is a fully featured plugin, including full support for recurring donations, a customer management dashboard, and all other features with no add-ons required. It's also totally free to download and install. Get all features with a single plugin, no muss no fuss.

Let donors control their payments

With the "Manage Payments" option, your donors who have chosen to give automatically each week/month/year can log in to handle things. This allows them to cancel their plan or view their receipt for any transaction, all without needing to get in contact with anyone on your staff.

No sign-up process: faster payments.

Our system automatically generates user accounts for your users when they pay, so there's no need for them to fill out extra fields, remember passwords, or anything to slow them down. It's truly the most painless way to accept payments from your users.

Keep people on your website

With Church Tithe WP, payments are incorporated right into your website, and your users don't need to leave, load another app, or do anything outside of your website and your branding.

Free to install, pay as you earn.

Church Tithe WP is free to install. And the most you'll ever pay for using the plugin is $199/year. It's pay-as-you-earn, with a 1% transaction fee that maxes out at $199/year. After that you'll no longer pay the 1% transaction fee, and can continue using the plugin. It's truly the most affordable and risk-free way to accept recurring donations on your church website!

Built for any church.

Church Tithe WP was built for churches of any size. It's totally free to install, and our guided, step-by-step on-boarding system makes it extremely simple to set up. You don't need to be a techie or a web-professional. There's no messing with code or complicated set-up. Accepting recurring tithes through your WordPress website has never been this simple, and your users will love it too.